Red Sole Hevea Chelsea Boots

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Most rubber boots contain petroleum derived rubber, not ours. We focused on sustainable material, making our boots out of natural tree derived rubber.


Always store your boots indoors in a cool place, as they are sensitive to sun light and heat.
When necessary, clean the boots with lukewarm water and a soft clean cloth to wash off any dirt or sand. Let dry.
To prolong the lifetime of your boots, we recommend you to once in a while use a rubber care spray to polish your boots.
Use a clean and soft cloth. This will prevent cracking of the material, the color is revitalized and the rubber stays flexible.
Remove any moisture inside the boot by taking out the inlay sole and inserting dry paper towels to wick out any moisture. Never use heat or boot dryer.
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Made in Jiangsu, China
Factory: Yangcheng Happyness Footwear Co.,Ltd
Materials source: Jiangsu Province, China