The article from Spy magazine showcases BAXTER WOOD, a new eco-conscious apparel brand specializing in gender-neutral rainwear. Co-founded by Kweku Larbi and Sarah Smith, BAXTER WOOD is driven by Larbi's upbringing near a landfill in Ghana, sparking a commitment to combat plastic waste. Their raincoats and vegan leather rain boots use sustainable materials like Amazonian tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles.

BAXTER WOOD's mission of "no new plastic" emphasizes reducing waste, and they prioritize ethical production practices. Despite being new, BAXTER WOOD's trendy rainwear has garnered attention, with raincoats inspired by Scandinavian design and waterproof Chelsea boots. Additionally, for every purchase, BAXTER WOOD sponsors sustainability lessons for children in low-income countries. Overall, BAXTER WOOD offers stylish, eco-friendly apparel with a philanthropic edge, promoting environmental responsibility.

Read the full article at Spy.com.

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Spy: Baxter Wood Is Making Hip, Eco-Friendly Rain Gear

Spy: Baxter Wood Is Making Hip, Eco-Friendly Rain Gear

by Kweku Larbi
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