How it works 

We recycle worn out rubber boots of any kind in two easy steps.
We provide you with a pre-paid label and you drop of your boots at any USPS package drop of area.
We handle it from there, getting your boots to our affliate rubber recycling facilities.

Oh, and you earn a $30 store credit for each boot you recycle.


What Happens To Your Recycled Rubber Rain Boots?

Once you’ve waved goodbye to your old boots and wished them luck in their future, your boots begin their new life. Each pair of recycled wellies is transported to Michigan where they will be processed, shredded and transformed into playground surfacing, roads, kickboxing bag filler and a myriad of upcycled materials. By using one tonne of rubber from recycled rubber rain boots to surface an arena we’ll save three tonnes of C02 from being emitted into the atmosphere.