Our Culture

We truly believe that a sustainable future will only be possible if progress for both people and planet go hand-in-hand.

For us it is fundamental to ensure that workers rights, diversity & inclusion, equality and freedom are promoted and upheld along our entire value chain, and for this reason a close collaboration with all our business partners is essential.

Our mission is to create a culture of transparency, participation and accountability within the luxury fashion market.

Supply Chain

Our ready-to-wear is produced in Italy, Spain, China. Most shoes and bags are made in Italy. There are around 5 suppliers in total. In the financial year 2023/2024, 70% of all pieces were produced in Europe and the remainder in China. Manufacturing countries and factories are chosen based on the product’s fabric or category. Italy, for example, has a long tradition of working with leather and jewelry. In China, we produce pieces with complex finishes such as fabric welding, due to the country’s high technical skills.

Fair Production

We work with a small number of carefully selected suppliers to guarantee fair production and quality at every step of the manufacturing chain. 86% of the production is done with 4 trusted manufacturers with whom we have worked for three or more years. All partners and suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct, and the team constantly evaluates their work to keep improving. We are members of Fair Wear Foundation and work closely with them to ensure fair conditions in the full production chain. We also share Fair Wear Foundation’s Code of Labour Practice with all our suppliers. We aim to audit all our suppliers every two to three years at the least.

At BAXTER WOOD we promote partnerships of mutual collaboration and open dialogue between equal partners. We believe it is crucial to have an open-sourcing dialogue and share responsible practices to create improved working conditions and ethical business operations. We have initiated living wage projects with three of our suppliers in line with the Fair Wear Foundation’s processes and guidelines.

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