Membership terms and Conditions
1. General

BAXTER WOOD does not guarantee that all items included in the BAXTER WOOD web shop are in stock at the time of your order. In the event that an item is unavailable, BAXTER WOOD will contact you shortly by phone or by email.

BAXTER WOOD cannot promise that the content of the site is free of inaccuracies or typographical errors at all times. Neither can we guarantee that all information is up to date. BAXTER WOOD may, at any time, amend the content of the site. Although BAXTER WOOD strives to display the correct texts, images and pricing on the site and web shop, errors may occur. If you have been charged the wrong amount in the web shop, BAXTER WOOD will give you the option of placing a new order with the correct price or cancelling your order. BAXTER WOOD, however, reserves the right to cancel any order prior to dispatch should we find that the price is incorrect. In such case we will notify you by e-mail. If we are unable to contact you, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Part of the services mediated through the site are maintained by outside organizations. In situations where BAXTER WOOD acts as an agent for such services, we cannot be held responsible for any errors resulting from their activities. BAXTER WOOD cannot be held responsible for any damage caused from using the site or, for that matter, not being able to use the site. BAXTER WOOD cannot guarantee problem free, uninterrupted, and secure access to the site.

2. Membership requirements

The membership is personal and will be registered on your email address when you sign up on our website or in one of our physical stores. To become a member, you must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 18 years, we require that you inform and get your parents’ or guardians’ consent before signing up for a membership.

By submitting your membership application, you confirm that you are at least 16 years old and have your guardians’ consent if you are under 18 years.

3. Membership services and advantages

As a member, you will receive the following services;

Personalized newsletter and tailor-made marketing: We will send you our newsletter personalized content such as news and promotional offers via email. We may for example provide you with tailor-made marketing offers based on your earlier purchases with us, and information collected through your use of our website when logged in as a member and your interaction in relation to promotional offers and other communication from us.

Invitations to special events: We will send you information about our special events via email.

Personalized service in our physical stores: We may provide you with a customized shopping-service in our stores based on your earlier purchases with us and information regarding your clothing and shopping preferences.

E-receipt: You will be able to request a digital receipt when purchasing our products in one of our physical stores and receive all your receipts by email.

4. Unsubscribe from send-outs

If you no longer wish to receive marketing communication from us, you can always follow the unsubscribe link in the email or text message or log in to your account and change your preference settings. Of course, you can also contact us at

5. Processing of personal data

Our processing of your personal data as a member of the BAXTER WOOD Membership for the purpose of providing the services included in the BAXTER WOOD Membership and for other relevant purposes is described in our Privacy Policy. Some of your personal data is collected through cookies.

6. Termination

Your membership is valid until further notice. However, if you have not made any purchases, logged in to your account or used any of our services during [36] consecutive months, your membership will be automatically cancelled and your personal data will be deleted in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please note that you can also cancel your membership at any time and for no reason by contacting.

BAXTER WOOD reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time if we suspect the membership is being abused or if you breach the Terms and Conditions.

7. Changes in the terms and conditions

BAXTER WOOD reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions. We will notify you in advance of any changes and then you may cancel your membership if you do not accept the changes.  

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